My Mission

Although I would love to guarantee you the perfect birth, that is unfortunately not in my realm of skills. I can, however, guarantee that I will work with you to set you up for the birth you envision. There may be unforeseen circumstances that arise, but as your doula or childbirth instructor, I will be there to support you in whatever decisions you make for the well being of yourself and your baby, and strive for a wonderful birth experience that you'll never forget.  

I believe that birth is one of the most completely natural events to take place in our lives. A woman's body has been created to carry out the task successfully and we can absolutely rise to the occasion. There is definitely a time and place for the expertise and intervention that modern medicine offers, but for the most part, we are completely capable of giving birth and doing it beautifully while the world watches in amazement.

My favorite analogy to this journey, is that of an athlete, musician, or anyone who aims to be great at what they do. They spend weeks, months, years preparing for that marathon or concert, they don't just show up at the finish line and expect to be great. They appear on that BIG day just as you will; calm, collected, and most importantly CONFIDENT. By taking this first step and finding my page, you're on your way to a life-changing experience.  

As a Birth Boot Camp trained and certified doula and childbirth instructor, I specialize in natural childbirth, but would love to support you no matter how your baby comes into the world! I'm here to support, encourage, and help create a serene environment for your little one's arrival. 

Given a normal labor and supportive, permissive surroundings, women are capable of finding their own unique ways of dealing with labor. They need only a guide, a calm and experienced woman who can help the struggling mother-to-be along the rocky paths of Laborland, as we frequently call it.
— Peggy Vincent, "Baby Catcher"